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As insurance distributors, we work with insurance agents to provide them with the best products and services available in the employee benefit marketplace.
We consider these agents our strategic partners, and they receive sales counseling and support so they, in turn, can offer their clients the best carriers and policies available. Whether our agents work with large groups, small groups or individuals, our skilled professionals can give them the guidance they need to sell to their clients as well as manage and retain their business.


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Broker Navigator

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Modern Tools for Agent Success

Mutual Med’s exclusive Broker Navigator sheds light and calms the seas with everything you and your clients need in one easy and convenient tool .
In addition to the necessary calculators, forms and documents that are available in Broker Navigator, we also provide customizable marketing pieces to ensure your name stays in the hands of current and potential clients.
Broker Navigator keeps your agency up to date and arms you with everything your clients will demand.

Please contact your Mutual Med marketing representative at 1.800.747.4126 or send an email to for more information on our Broker Navigator service.

Broker Navigator services include:

  • Private Insurance Marketplace Website
  • Pay or Play Calculator
  • Subsidy Calculator
  • Law firm on retainer
  • Call center enrollment
  • Field enrollment team
  • PPACA Certified Marketing Team
  • PPACA Certified Call Center
  • PPACA Marketing Materials
  • PPACA Client Compliance Updates
  • Service Station/Help Desk
  • Group Retiree Plans
  • Large group consulting
  • Aggregation protection
  • Small group 15+ self funded plan
  • Union Plan

Check back for updates from Mutual Med regarding our Broker Navigator!


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